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Woman Stunned After Guy She Rejected For A Third Date Purposely Farts On Her At A Bar A Year Later

Woman Stunned After Guy She Rejected For A Third Date Purposely Farts On Her At A Bar A Year Later

Rejection can really stink, and one man felt the need to pass the experience forward... literally.

A TikTok is going viral after one girl shared with viewers how her turning down a third date with a man got her into some deep doodoo.

The nearly minute-long video has caught the attention of the TikTok community who couldn't believe the outrageous tale.


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TikToker @roxystriar, known in real life by the same name, recounted the story to viewers in the recent TikTok video stating that the outlandish events were a "true story".

In Roxy's video, she states that after rejecting a third date with a man, she ran into him at an establishment. Not thinking anything of the encounter, Roxy went about her business only to have the man leave her with a parting gift to show that he still remembered her.

What was the gift, you ask?

The man, allegedly, purposely farted on her.



Since being posted in April, the 51-second video has garnered nearly one million views, received 67,000 likes, and inspired over 3,000 comments.

Many of the comments begged Roxy to reveal the identity of her unrequited love while others couldn't help but point out the comedic undertones of the situation.





The video began relatively unassumingly with Roxy stating the story is "so unbelievable that you're not gonna think it's a true story, but it is."

As the video progressed Roxy explained:

"When I was 22, I went on two different dates with one guy. The first date we went to the LACMA, which is a museum. And the second date we went to the movies and got tacos."

Roxy went on to elaborate by informing viewers she "wasn't into him."

"So when he asked me on a third date, I texted him back and I declined, and I said, 'I think you're a really nice guy, but I don't see this going anywhere between us.'"

Roxy's diplomatic response received no answer from the man in question. Not thinking anything of it, Roxy continued on with her life none the wiser. But, a year later, fate had other plans as Roxy ran into the man at a bar they were both at.

It's at this point in Roxy's retelling of events that things went a little haywire.

As the story progressed she revealed:

"I was at a bar with a bunch of my friends. I was sitting on a bench talking to a guy who was just my friend and the guy I had gone on two dates with a year prior saw me across the bar and started making his way over to me."

Roxy admitted "it took me a minute to even place who he was,."

But she would soon remember who he was as she could have never predicted what the man did next.

"When he got to me, he turned his back to me, he lifted up one leg, he farted on me. It was so loud, people turned around."
"He said, 'Eat my s***' and walked away."




Suffice it to say, the man made it pretty clear that rejections stinks.