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These Parody Videos About What It Must Be Like As A Rap Engineer Are Far Too Entertaining

One thing that's united rappers across generations is a sense of frustration during the introductions to their songs. The rappers will often demand that their mics be turned up, or that a certain sound be turned up in their headphones, or that everyone quiet down to listen. Something very few people have ever considered, however, is how the sound engineer recording these seemingly-impromptu rants must have been reacting on that day.

Thanks to Twitter user @caitiedelaney, we now know.

Delaney went on a tear, giving us behind-the-scenes looks at a ton of rap hits.

Twitter couldn't believe it'd gone its whole life without knowing these videos are what it needed.

Sound engineers have long deserved their day in the sun, and this is it!

People watching the video couldn't hold back their laughter!

@CaitieDelaney also had a message for all of her new followers!

Well done, Caitie, keep fighting the good fight, repping that sound engineer life!