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Piers Morgan to Conduct Trump's First International Interview Since Inauguration

Piers Morgan to Conduct Trump's First International Interview Since Inauguration
(John W. Ferguson/Getty Images)

Those waiting in anticipation for Donald Trump to be grilled on a number of controversial points in his presidency for his first international interview will be sorely disappointed.

Piers Morgan was appointed to ask his "friend" some questions in a televised sit down that will take place in Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum where politicians and business leaders have gathered.

The 52-year-old British journalist wrote:

*BREAKING NEWS* I will sit down today in Davos with @realDonaldTrump for his 1st International TV interview since becoming President. It will air exclusively on ITV, this Sunday night at 10pm.

He posted a sneak peak while filming.

He also took aim at his "green-eyed media friends."

The former Daily Mirror editor considers Trump a good friend and has been very candid about their friendship, which began after Morgan won Celebrity Apprentice in 2008. The seventh season of Trump's reality show also featured contestants Lennox Lewis and Omarosa.

Morgan has been a vocal Trump supporter on social media and on his own Mail Online column, and his Twitter account is one of 45 that Trump follows.

The former CNN host of Piers Morgan Live even acknowledged his "friend" on Twitter back in November for an "astonishing achievement."

This won't be the first time the British personality will interview Trump. He sat down with the then-Republican candidate during the 2016 presidential campaign on his ITV breakfast show, Good Morning Britain, and claimed to have conducted 30 other interviews with 45 throughout the years.

Because the chummy pair will most likely skirt around scandalous topics in Davos, some viewers won't get the hard line of questioning they were hoping for from a foreign journalist.

To remedy the possibility of a lackluster program, Emma offered to help Piers in the hopes that the right questions will be asked.

For those who might miss out on the interview, this guy had a suggestion.

People are clearly disappointed.

Although Morgan reveres Trump, he did criticize him for retweeting some Anti-Muslim videos posted by Jaydan Fransen — the deputy leader of the British far-right group, Britain First, which was denounced by Theresa May.

But the past indiscretion might not be enough of a crack in the pair's friendship for a racy interview.

The two might have something in common.

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