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PHOTO: Red Flared Trouser Pants Are Much More Than Expected

PHOTO: Red Flared Trouser Pants Are Much More Than Expected

Generic wholesale clothing website PrettyLittleThing - "your one-stop shop for trend led women's clothing at seriously killer prices" - has these cute women's red flared trouser pants for sale. A makeup artist in Edinburgh thought they would be a good fit, but was in for quite a surprise when they arrived in the mail. She and other online shopping victims are discovering the same thing - these pants could only fit the legs of giants.

Twitter user Dan (@psychedelime) was not at all pleased with what she received in the mail.

"[Seriously]???? do @OfficialPLT think am fucking slenderman"

You have to admit, those pants look ridiculously long - definitely longer than the advertised 34" length. She looks like she's ready for some snorkeling.

"[I've] got flippers."

We are with Dan on this one, and we imagine PLT is likely dishing out more than a few refunds for this clothing casualty.

Twitter couldn't stop laughing.

Dan made sure her friend Hannah didn't make the same mistake.

"[Don't]!!!! that's a size 6 as well"

Instagram model Aerin thought she had solved the problem and decided to share her deduction skills with everyone. But boy was she wrong.

"Well the model has on heels and if you look in the details it’ll tell you the height of the model. So they’re probably made to be worn with heels like the sample sizes."

Or maybe it's not about the heels, girl. Keeleigh shut down Aerin's theory.

"I [bought] a size 4! And mine are exactly the same length I have to wear platform heels and they still touch the floor"

Dan also wasn't having Aerin's nonsense.

"[The] model isn't that much taller than me she wears a size 8 and i'm wearing a 6. i tried them with heels and they are still about 5 inches too long. the problem lies with PLT and their manufacturers considering other people have had the exact same problem"

Hannah was spared from wastefully spending 11 pounds.

"So glad I didn’t buy them im about 5ft nothing"

Twitter had a field day.


Dan was not the only victim.

Shannon had the same issue when she ordered the pants back in July.

PLT fails with their customer service and damage control.

First, they responded to Shannon, apologizing for the "faulty item." Too bad they didn't respond to Shannon's request months ago.

They even tried to patch things up with Dan. We wonder how that went.

There are many others...

The stating-the-obvious award goes to Rachel Mew!

"You aren’t going to get a refund wearing those flippers outside"

And the sassy-yet-friendly slap back award goes to Hope!

Sophie can relate too, and was awesome enough to share a video demonstration.

We wonder what PLT's return policy is...

It seems their return policy, well, sucks. Aside from requiring that any return item be unworn and all tags attached, any return must also "be made at your own cost however you must obtain you proof of postage until you have received your refund, just in case your order is lost on its way back to PrettyLittleThing."

In other words, PLT does not pay for shipping:

"We're sorry but we are unable to offer a free returns service. Returns must be made at your own cost. Please return using a standard trackable service. A returns label for your local returns center will be included in your parcel."

This includes returning any "faulty item."

On the bright side, Dan found herself Twitter famous.

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h/t: Twitter, PLT