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People Who Use Their Pets To Show The Scale Of Something Are Uniting On Twitter With Adorable Photos


People have all sorts of odd things in common. And just when you think that someone must have the market cornered on a seemingly out-of-the-ordinary behavior, Twitter is there to prove you wrong.

Such was the case for Twitterer Sara @SaraWThinks who shared a post last week showing how she used her dog to indicate the scale of a desk and chair her friend was selling.

Check out the cute, 12-pound Chiweenie:

Apparently, using pets to show scale is a thing because it didn't take long for commenters to share their own pet-scale systems:

And soon others wanted to get in on the action:

But then it just kind of devolved into sharing cute pics of Chiwennies:

This Twitter post just goes to show how alike humans are:

The simple post spread a lot of joy across the Interweb:

H/T: Twitter