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People Who Have Gone Through The Bermuda Triangle Share Their Experiences

People Who Have Gone Through The Bermuda Triangle Share Their Experiences

What gives the Bermuda Triangle its power? Is it a curse? Aliens? Is the lost city of Atlantis to blame?

Or maybe it's navigation issues and human error. Perhaps frequent poor weather gets the best of the already anxious travelers who go through the area.

But despite the seemingly high rate of disappearances and accidents, many people travel through the Bermuda Triangle and live to tell the tale. Redditor u/-Null-99 got to hear some of their stories when they asked... "Redditors who have actually sailed through the Bermuda Triangle, did you have any strange experiences? If yes, what happened?"

A mysterious disappearance


"Not me, a family friend of ours told us that her sister took a gap year between high school and college and on a crazy whim decided to board a 6-passenger plane and they were going to go on vacation, and they had to pass through the Bermuda Triangle. Her sister was 19 and would be in her 50s now. The whole plane disappeared and so did all of the passengers and pilot. Her parents still live at the same address and have the same landline number even though they are well into their 80s. They've never declared her dead because they don't want to give up hope. They hope she just might come back someday"


An astute observation

"The weirdest thing is that there is no actual triangle there. Just water."


Luckily, it didn't turn into a rescue mission


"While on a cruise to Bermuda, days away from land, we'd seen a small sailboat that looked like it was really struggling. Porpoising thru eight foot swells. I kept expecting our ship to perform a rescue."


The price inflations are mind blowing

"I mean I think it may have blasted all the prices in Bermuda to the high heavens

$7 for a bar of chocolate."


Some sketchy pasta was served

"Took a Norwegian Cruise (Escape) to Bermuda last June. Nothing strange to report except the penne al a vodka from a restaurant called Sage was definitely not penne al a vodka"


Their tour guide had a reasonable explanation


"We were at the Grand Turks and they were explaining how electronics act odd here. My insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor went crazy showing a super high blood glucose value for about 10 minutes then it went back to normal. It is the first time in 3 years it did that. The timing of the story from tour guide and the incident were minutes apart."


A veteran's tale

"About 6 years ago (summer 2013 to be precise), I volunteered with a local historical archives at an exhibit about Blackbeard the Pirate. One of the people who came in was a submarine veteran who served in the 1960's. We got to talking about his service and he told me that he once went through the triangle while submerged in his submarine during a storm. I asked him if anything weird or unusual happened and he told me that certain instruments such as the compass wouldn't work and they had mild electrical problems, nothing serious or threatening to the well-being of the crew or the sun itself. He said most of the crew had extreme nerves during the voyage but subsided as they left the area. I honestly don't remember the name of the submarine or I'd have posted it here."


Wait a minute...

"Nothing too unusual, just your average tropical fishes, algae, seaweed, 50 foot orange half feline half fish swimming around your boat."


Just looking at the area was frightening


"Not through it but very very near it. It didn't look too bad, but definitely WOULD NOT sail through during a storm"


So what's the parking situation?

"I checked into it on Facebook while sailing through it on a cruise and Facebook asked me if the Bermuda Triangle offered valet parking."


An unexpected connection

"Does a cruise count. If so then nothing really weird happened except for the fact that my phone connected to Italian data in the middle of the sea for a couple of minutes"


The classic Steve McQueen film, ruined


"On a cruise went through the Bermuda triangle. I was 10ish. We hit a storm and choppy waves. The cable system played the same 10 minutes of 'The Great Escape' on a loop for as long as we were in the storm. On all channels. I got seasick."


Don't blame it on the alcohol 

"I've been on a dozen cruises each time I went through the bermuda triangle I developed horrible symptoms

I embarrassed myself dancing, spent too much money, woke up with headaches and nausea and one time my husband sang let it go at the top of his lungs in the casino and had to be removed

it could be that we get the unlimited drink package but I'm gonna blame it on the Bermuda triangle"


Only a cursed storm could clear up so quickly

"Was on a cruise ship going through the BMT.

We had no major issues so far, which was good because my father in law was a bit afraid of cruising...

It was then we saw some flashes in the sky while in the pool. Everyone got a bit concerned. I said, fatefully: 'I'm sure it's fine, if there was any danger, they would make an announcement'

Well... bing bing bong

'All passengers please head below deck as soon as possible.'

We went through a rough squall that was pretty epic to ride through.

It was crazy because it went from clear skies, to a massive storm, and then clear skies again in about an hour."


Magical fluorescent sea creatures


"I did the Newport to Bermuda Race a few years ago. It was the middle of the night and I am sitting on the foredeck, it's super dark out and the stars were incredible.

Suddenly I see three bright green streaks shooting through the water directly toward me, like florescent torpedoes beneath the water heading straight into the side of our hull.

It was three dolphins kicking up bioluminescence in the water as they swam. They followed us for 20 minutes, I couldn't see them just their bright green trails as they ducked and weaved alongside us. INCREDIBLE sight I will never forget."


What could have caused this to happen!?

"Yes I was flying with the father in law to the Florida Keys, in a four seater Cessna coming from Haiti. When he says over the headset 'Don't freak out but we just lost all radio contact.' While the radio was dead silent I was to look out the cockpit for nearby traffic. Radio came back after maybe 30 minutes, we never got an explanation as to what the issue was. I was very stressed that entire time, but tried not to show it. This was 10+ years ago."


This very long day happened

"Not exactly a weird experience, but I went on a cruise with my family and we went through the Bermuda Triangle. The day we did seemed extra long, so me and my cousins made a joke saying we were in an 'internal loop'.

We wouldn't have been upset if we were, that was the best day/night of our lives."


There is video evidence that something is up


"I didn't but I knew someone who like went with a sail boat across it every year when I was 13 I was in a youth group thing and the guy said that just out of nowhere the sea would like open up and suck u in I called bull but he showed a video on his phone of it. It was like this massive bubble. Went right next to him. Pretty crazy"


Forces messed with their watch

"We sailed through once and the back of my nice leather cuff watch somehow fell off and the battery came out while I was relaxing on deck. I looked down and there the pieces were just sitting on my lap. I've had that watch for 20 years, it never happened before then and never happened again."


They saw a ghost ship!

"Well I sailed through the Bermuda Triangle with just a small sailboat, never again! It took 3 days straight to go through the Bermuda Triangle! It was very stormy and the waves were huge which I was lucky for not being capsized. But I did have a strange experience, I remember seeing this one, 'ghost ship' it was a huge cargo ship that was slightly transparent, it was travelling straight towards me but the ship only appeared in front of me when it was about 100 metres in front of me.

Heading straight towards me and I had no way to go to the side so ready for being hit was my expectation. I remember heading straight through the ship and hearing cry's of what I assume was the old cargo workers. I was so creeped the rest of the time that I didn't sleep. Well I couldn't sleep at all really since I had to sail and I was alone."