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Three Tons Of Cocaine Were Discovered Floating In The Ocean—And Everyone Had The Same Thought

After 3.5 tons of cocaine were found floating in the Pacific Ocean, Twitter started clamoring for a 'cocaine shark' movie.

Three tons of cocaine floating in the ocean
New Zealand Defense Force

Something strange has been found floating around in the Pacific Ocean.

New Zealand police discovered an odd floating object in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean. When they inspected it, they found 81 bales of cocaine packaged in bricks, tied up with string, and attached to buoys.

The cocaine located was worth approximately a half million New Zealand dollars, or £261 million.

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The discovery came as part of Operation Hydros, which was designed to identify and monitor suspicious vessel movements.

Andrew Coster, The New Zealand Police Commissioner, said in an interview that he believes the drugs were destined for Australia.

“There is no doubt this discovery lands a major financial blow right from the South American producers through the distributors of this product.”

New Zealand Defense Force

When social media users caught wind of the discovery, they did what we all expected them to do: had a good laugh.

Many of the commenters pointed out the similarities to Cocaine Bear and suggested that Cocaine Shark become a thing.

Others just found the humor in the strange situation.

While we are happy to know the drugs were confiscated and won't be circulating on the street, we must admit that the headline makes for an enticing movie idea.