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Large Group Of Diners Walk Out On $500 Tab At Houston Eatery Over Automatic Gratuity Fee

A group of 20 people were filmed after 18 of them dined and dashed from a restaurant in Houston over the automatic 20% gratuity added to their bill due to the size of their party.

TikTok screenshots from @grizzyshoodnews of people leaving restaurant and restaurant bill

A video of 20 people dining and dashing at a Houston, Texas, restaurant over a gratuity added to their bill went viral after it was posted to a community account out of concern.

The TikTok posted by local account @grizzlyshoodnews shows the large party leaving Crazy Cajun during the lunch rush, upset that a 20% gratuity was automatically charged to their bill, which totaled $542.67.

An employee filming the incident also captured the group walking to their cars.

At one point, a woman threatened employees, shouting from the parking lot:

“I will shoot y’all motherf**kers.”

You can watch the TikTok, below.


#dinendash out of a group of 20 people only two people pay their tab. The rest of the people walked out without paying. 290 and Hollister

Assistant manager Brenda Garcia told the Houston Chronicle that the large group came in during a busy time, but they said they were coming from a funeral so Garcia decided to accommodate them, despite being understaffed at the time.

She noted that they did complain throughout their visit, audibly unhappy about waiting and about their food and, of course, about the added gratuity.

Garcia comped several of the party's drinks and also offered a 15% discount. But apparently that wasn't good enough.

Then, Garcia explained:

“They started getting a little aggressive."

She also said that four members of the party returned later to pay their bill, and one woman called the restaurant to apologize and explain she left with the group because she was concerned for her own safety at the time.

“She explained to us that the woman that threatened my coworker showed them the gun."

Many viewers of the video were angered by the group's behavior.

Others noted that they should have at least paid for the food and drinks they ordered.

Several people said restaurants should have procedures in place to avoid these types of incidents.

Garcia told the Houston Chronicle she initially shared the video with Grizzy's Hood News to alert others in the community about the incident, but had no idea how many people the video would reach.

"I wanted to put it out there as a 'watch out for this lady' thing, but I didn't expect it to get this big."

The TikTok, which was just posted on October 6, has been viewed more than 1.4 million times.

We'd say she got the word out.