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Guy's Tweet About The 'Magic' Of His 'Yellow Pillow' Has Men Everywhere Nodding Hard

After X user Cam Thomson revealed that his girlfriend had discovered 'The Yellow Pillow' he uses for sleep 'magic,' other users weighed in with their thoughts and personal experiences.

Photo of yellow-stained pillow with the X caption: "Has to be magic because it just appeared on my bed one day when I was a kid"
eyepark/Getty Images, @Domjeez/X

A man's preference for sleeping with his "yellow pillow" sparked a contentious debate online between genders.

It appeared that most guys found the stained old pillow a very relatable creature comfort that guaranteed them a good night's sleep.

Women, on the other hand, seemed to be repulsed by it.

A stock photo of the esoteric bedding companion went viral when social media user Cam Thomson–a.k.a. @largemotorcycle on X (formerly Twitter)–shared it online.

He wrote in the accompanying caption:

"Gf is mad at me because I have revealed to her The Yellow Pillow."
"Fellas, i’m sure you all know that this thing is magic."

Thomson added in a follow-up tweet:

"It’s not my fault the pillow is yellow and bestows upon me the most peaceful slumber."

The post quickly went viral and made many men feel seen.

The pros weighed in.

Some men shared their trauma after losing their un-fresh sleep aid.

However, women had some news for the guys about their broken-in pillows.

But the comments from men who felt vindicated continued drowning out the naysayers.

Thomson shared with NBC News his thoughts on the phenomenon after his post went viral.

"To me, it’s my most comfortable pillow and a sign of a well-loved item," he said of his old pillow.

He also told the news outlet he was forced to part ways with it at the insistence of his girlfriend.

However, he didn't have it in him to ditch it forever.

He admitted:

“I’ve tucked it away into storage. I don’t think I can bring myself to throw it out."

May The Yellow Pillow™ reign supreme.