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People Are Sharing The Jobs They Dreamed Of Doing When They Were 5-Years-Old—And Some Of The Answers Are Bizarre 😂

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There are no limitations as to what a child can be once they grow up.

Children dream of careers of everything from teachers to doctors to movie stars to astronauts. Me? Well, I dreamed of becoming a writer when I was a child. See kids? Don't give up on your dreams. Anything is possible!

Ok, maybe not anything. Journalist, Freelance Music Publicist, and SiriusXM Host Eric Alper asked his followers what they wanted to do for a living when they were a kid, and some of the responses are pretty amazing - and out there, to say the least.

Alper posed the question to his thousands of followers on Twitter:

Some responses were quite ambitious:

Others were cool and creative. Maybe some are a bit difficult to accomplish...

...but creative nonetheless!

Some responses were more grounded and realistic:

Others were completely off the wall. These are all beyond hilarious.

But hey, I'm sure we all wanted to be ice cream or a dog at one point in our childhoods.

Unlike those of us who aspired to become a horse or a car wash, some people actually achieved their lifelong dreams and became what they set out to be at age five.

You go, guys!

I can't say it enough: dreams do come true!