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People Are Sharing How They Got Into College 'The Old-Fashioned Way' In A Bizarre New Meme

People Are Sharing How They Got Into College 'The Old-Fashioned Way' In A Bizarre New Meme
Getty Images // @TheSarcasmShow/Twitter

By now, you've probably heard of that college admissions scandal.

Yesterday's arrests were part of the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by federal authorities, according to multiple reports. Parents paid up to $6.5 million to guarantee admissions for their children.

In federal court documents, prosecutors outlined how the scheme worked: Parents paid a college prep organization to take on behalf of their children or to correct their answers. The organization also bribed college coaches "to help admit the students into college as recruited athletes, regardless of their abilities." Some of the defendants even created fake athletic profiles for their children to bolster the ruse.

The arrests (50 of them thus far, with more to come) have been lauded as a win in the battle against systemic inequality. And as rage-inducing as this topic can be, at least we can laugh some more, and it's all thanks to a bizarre new meme that invites people to share how they got into college "the old fashioned way."

Like so:

Oh, well, that's one way to do it:

We personally can't wait for the Lifetime original movie!

That's called Mom Power!

*flashbacks intensify*


That's the spirit!

A tale as old as time.


You can do that?!

If only we'd had the foresight to do the same.

And we've never been prouder.


If only we'd known!

And there are plenty to choose from!

Bribing school officials doesn't have to be your ticket to the American dream. Just go to college the old fashioned way: By making awkward jokes that cut to the heart of our suffocating oligarchy! Trust us, you'll thank yourselves later.