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Anti-Gay Pastor Claims Vaccines Won't Work Until We 'Repent' For LGBTQ Rights In Bizarre Sermon

Anti-Gay Pastor Claims Vaccines Won't Work Until We 'Repent' For LGBTQ Rights In Bizarre Sermon
First Harvest Ministries/YouTube

As the Delta variant continues to create a spike in new cases of Covid-19 all over the world, Evangelical Christian Pastor Shane Vaughn of First Harvest Ministries claimed there's an easy solution to this problem.

America must repent for their acceptance of homosexuality.

Vaughn shared his homophobia in an impassioned sermon live streamed on Monday evening, falsely declaring vaccines are not working owing to the judgement of God.

"They've got variants coming that ain't no vaccine going to work for. This nation is under the judgment of God."
"And I want to tell you something right now: They're already admitting that the vaccine is alarmingly not working. Alarmingly!"
"They're alarmed at what they're seeing. Do you know why? Because America, you're making a huge mistake."

Vaughn did not include any scientific evidence to back up how "alarmingly" vaccines aren't working in fighting against Covid-19.

In a recent report from the CDC, while a number of breakthrough cases have been reported in vaccinated individuals, the vaccines have still proven 80% effective against the Delta variant, with the majority of recent hospitalizations being people who were either unvaccinated, or had highly compromised immune systems.

In a direct attack on those "trusting anything besides God", Pastor Vaughn quoted from Isaiah 31:1, criticizing those who relied upon Egypt, and not God, which Vaughn equated to those looking for vaccines and doctors for help in protecting themselves from Covid-19.

"Why would you go begging [doctors] for their help? "
"They have nothing that's gonna help my judgment that is coming upon this nation."
"The only help for the child of God in this hour is the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah"

Then, almost completely out of nowhere, Vaughn firmly declared that no vaccine would work in the fight against Covid-19 until America repents for its support of abortion and homosexuality.

"These vaccines are gonna quit working on every corner until this nation falls to her knees and repents for dead babies and repents for the sodomy of this nation."

Vaughn is no stranger to outlandish claims.

In a previous sermon, Pastor Vaughn declared it was a "sin" to be concerned about climate change which he declared an "anti-Christian religion."

The unfounded ideology and complete lack of scientific evidence behind both of these sermons resulted in a mockery on social media.

A few pointed out both the misinformation and lack of traditional Christian values in Vaughn's loud, rambling speech.

Others predicted Vaughn's lack of faith in medicine and vaccines could result in a grim outcome for the Evangelical preacher.

Unless, of course, like many leaders preaching against vaccination, Vaughn is vaccinated.

Cynical as these predictions may be, outspoken anti-vaxxers dying of Covid-19 has become a common trend in recent days.

This past weekend, QAnon conspiracy theorist Robert David Steele and conservative radio host Marc Bernier—who proudly dubbed himself "Mr. Anti Vax"—both died of Covid-19.

Other conservative men of the cloth who attempted to make unfounded links connecting Covid-19 with LGBTQIA+ individuals also saw their Covid denying, anti-vaccine rhetoric come back to haunt them.

Irvin Baxter Jr., founder of Endtime Ministries, who blamed Covid-19 on a "lack of virgin brides" and the sinful lifestyle of gay men and women, died of Covid-19 in November of 2020.

While more recently, Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke, who called same sex relationships "evil" and spread conspiracy theories vaccines contained tracking devices, calling God the only legitimate provider of health, found himself put on a ventilator after catching Covid-19.