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Woman Praises Elon Musk As She And Husband Are Kicked Off Plane For Spouting Homophobic Slurs

Woman Praises Elon Musk As She And Husband Are Kicked Off Plane For Spouting Homophobic Slurs
@charlottedalessio/TikTok; @davenewworld_2/Twitter

A new viral TikTok shows a woman on a plane incoherently ranting about free speech while hurling homophobic slurs and praising Elon Musk as she is kicked off the aircraft.

The incident occurred on a flight out of West Palm Beach airport in Florida. It's not clear what initially caused the woman to be booted from the plane, but the TikTok user who originally posted the footage claimed it was over racist and homophobic comments she made.

The video picked up just after the incident in question occurred.

It showed the woman delivering an unhinged rant about masks, China and Elon Musk being "the king"—Elvis would like a word, ma'am—while hurling homophobic slurs and profanity at nearby passengers.

WARNING: NSFW language

The original video clip was posted by TikTok user @charlottedalessio.

In her caption, she explained what touched off the incident.

"Couple yelling racist & homophobic slurs wouldn’t deboard plane today leaving West Palm Beach."
"A free show to all on board"

The woman yelling is incoherent at best.

While insisting she will not leave the plane and demanding to know why she was being asked to leave, the woman yelled at an airline employee "free speech is dead."

She turned to her fellow passengers and asked:

"Do you guys see what is happening in America?"
"You didn't like what [her husband] said and now we're getting kicked off a plane."

She then gloated about making the entire plane late before warning the United States was turning into China and mocking passengers for wearing masks.

And then she sang her praises for Elon Musk.

She told her fellow passengers:

"I looooove Elon Musk."
"He is the fu*king king!"

She and her husband weren't done there.

She next threatened to sue JetBlue and a man adjacent to her as her husband told the man he makes more money than he does.

As law enforcement removed them, the man claimed to be a former FBI agent while the woman claimed they were being kicked off because they are supporters of former Republican President Donald Trump.

The woman and her husband seemed to clearly think they were some sort of freedom-defending heroes, but their fellow passengers disagreed.

A second video, taken from within the terminal as the passengers were escorted off, shows them being booed as they are led away by law enforcement.

On Twitter, people were disgusted by the couple's display, and unnerved by the impact Musk "free speech" rhetoric seems to be having on far-right bigots.

And others found themselves struggling to understand the point of the woman's rant.

Here's your gentle reminder the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution protects speech from being infringed upon by the government, not the airline whose plane you are screaming slurs upon.