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Paramore's Hayley Williams Had To Stop Mid-Song To Break Up A Fight—And Her Response Is On Point

The band's lead singer said she felt 'like a teacher' before assigning everyone 'detention' over the altercation at a recent concert.

Screenshots of Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams

And you think your workdays are chaotic.

At a recent concert in Toronto, lead singer of the band Paramore Hayley Williams had to stop the show in the middle of a song to break up a fight that had broken out in the crowd.

Williams gamely put the people involved on blast, jokingly treating them like children before quipping she felt "like a teacher" and giving the people a "detention" as others in the crowd got a good laugh.

The incident went down in the middle of Paramore's performance of their track "Caught In The Middle,” a peppy, upbeat song that doesn't exactly lend itself to aggression.

Williams made reference to the incongruity when she stopped the performance to suss out what was going on in the crowd. Referencing Los Angeles beatdown hardcore band Terror, Williams quipped:

“Okay, we’ve got a fight. Oh, man. What do you guys think this is, like a Terror show?”

She then admonished the people fighting by inviting them to join the rest of the crowd in dancing.

“We’re not a hardcore band, bro. Come on."
“We’re gonna dance tonight, we’re gonna have fun, or we’re not gonna do it."

Williams then went full teacher mode, asking if the people fighting needed to be separated. She then joked:

"You got me up here acting like a teacher. Detention for everyone!"

Just in case there was still any confusion as to who was in charge, Williams gave the fighters a warning before moving on with the performance.

"Let me tell you something: I better not have to do that again."
"First of all, we play to a click track so we’d be on time for you. Don’t make us stop that thing again. It hurts."
"Are you okay out there now? You good? Thank you for taking care of yourself and each other. Jesus Christ.”

On Twitter, people loved how Williams handled the strange moment.

After clearing her throat and quipping, "Where were we?" Williams gamely went on with the performance—hopefully without any more Terror show-style aggression.