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People From Other Countries Are Dogging America For A Beloved Party Tradition

People From Other Countries Are Dogging America For A Beloved Party Tradition
Flashpop via Getty Images; Twitter: @CJ_naranjas

In the United States, it's easy to think of ourselves as the default.

Other countries get stereotypes, but not the USA, right?

Maybe we'll see an over-the-top stereotype about ourselves in a foreign film, someone with the American flag on their clothes, loud, brash, and a bit arrogant.

But have you ever wondered what actual stereotypes about us are?

Thanks to the internet, we have unfettered access to people outside of our own country. And the one thing you'll notice is they have a particular fascination with our disposable cups.

Specifically, the famous, ubiquitous party accessory, the red Solo cup.

It's easy to see how this kind of stereotype gets started right?

We tend to use disposable cups for our parties. This gets mimicked in movies, especially since producers don't have to license actual drinks, and from there it's seen as the American party cup.

But it's still a strange association.

And it's widespread too. They have "American" themed parties, which have to include the iconic disposable cup.

It is probably the most neutral stereotype you could imagine.

However, it's not an unfair stereotype either.

The Solo Cup started in America in the early to mid 20th century. They made all kinds of disposable cup innovations such as disposable coffee cups and wax lined cups.

However it was in the 1970s when the company founder's son invented the famous cup.

While movies might have spread it to other countries, they had to get the idea for the ubiquitous presence of the cup from us first. We even have a popular country song called "Red Solo Cup".

There is no one to blame but ourselves.

Maybe the next time you take a trip outside the country and find yourself partying with the locals, bring some red Solo cups and lean into the stereotype.

After all, there could be worse things than being known as the party country. Right?