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TikToker 'On The Verge Of Tears' After Couple Tries To Break Into Her Home Over Road Rage Incident

TikToker 'On The Verge Of Tears' After Couple Tries To Break Into Her Home Over Road Rage Incident

A 21-year-old TikToker from Ohio posted a series of videos talking about a road rage incident that escalated and resulted in them being followed home.

TikToker @toxxxicwaist said they were going home on their lunch break but found themselves driving behind a vehicle with a woman who was driving roughly ten miles under the speed limit.

On the verge of tears, the TikToker said of the woman driver ahead of them:

“She was going 35 in a 45, and she was trying to light a cigarette and like do sh*t, while she was already going under the speed limit."
“So yeah, I was riding her a** a little bit. She was going 10 miles f'king under. No, it wasn’t bumper to bumper, but there definitely wasn’t a full car length in-between us.”

Story time

ToxxxicWaist said as they were going around a roundabout, the woman flipped them off.

They recalled:

“You can see her demeanor through her f'king mirrors. And I was like f'k you, I was literally like, you’re going 10 miles under the speed limit. You’re in the wrong here, not me.”

Ohio Laws and Administrative Rules dictate:

"No person shall stop or operate a vehicle ... at such an unreasonably slow speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic, except when stopping or reduced speed is necessary for safe operation or to comply with law."

Instead of the situation ending as a typical case of road rage, things took a frightening turn when the woman followed them home.



They said:

“When I get out of the car I start hearing screaming and this girl is like, ‘I got you b*tch, I got you, you dirty sk*nk. I got you.”
“And I like literally look up and I’m like what the f'k is going on?’ I didn’t do anything."
"I especially didn’t do anything illegal, like maybe annoying yeah, illegal no. You can’t—there’s nothing you can do to me right now.”

When the woman confronted the TikToker for tail-gating her, ToxxxicWaist explained to the driver it was because she was driving ten miles under the speed limit.

The woman replied:

"I don’t give a f'k. I can drive however I want. This is a free country."

The TikToker, who lives in a building that is part of a general store and bakery, said they ran inside as the woman threatened to physically harm them.

The TikToker said the woman called her husband, who allegedly started banging on the door and began screaming.

They went downstairs and confronted the couple from behind the glass door and repeatedly told them to leave.

They alleged:

“He was like, ‘Let me in you dumb sk*nk. You dumb wh*re. And I was like, ‘I didn’t do anything. Your wife is the one who was going under the f'king speed limit.'”

They continued to claim the husband told them:

"Go get your old man, I'll f'ng pull him through this keyhole and cripple him."

Still visibly shaken from the encounter, the TikToker said they had to run back upstairs to grab their gun because their boyfriend wasn't home. The husband kept banging on the front glass door to their home.

At one point in the second part of the video below, the husband can be heard accusing them of being a "draft dodger" and telling them to "come outside and be a man."



In a third storytime video, ToxxxicWaist said they went out into the adjacent store in their building and had another confrontation with the driver whom they thought left.



When a commenter identified a situation as a "you problem" for driving to their home with the woman pursuing them, ToxxxicWaist said they were not in a coherent state of mind to logically plan an escape route.

The TikToker said they filed a police report and pressed charges against the couple.

They gave the police all the footage showing the faces of the couple harassing them in addition to the make and model of their vehicle.

The TikToker noted they were unable to get a photo of the license plate number as they were too rattled and were focused on getting the couple's faces on camera.


Replying to @Annabelle Rose

While this is harrowing, a bit of common courtesy on the roads would go a long way.