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Ocean Spray Just Gifted A New Truck To That Skater Who Guzzled Juice While Singing Fleetwood Mac

Ocean Spray Just Gifted A New Truck To That Skater Who Guzzled Juice While Singing Fleetwood Mac

Good vibes beget good vibes, and this story proves it.

Remember Nathan "Doggface" Apodaca, the skater dude who captivated the internet by skateboarding around while downing a bottle of Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry and jamming to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams"?

Well, to thank him for all the positivity, the good people at Ocean Spray just bought him a truck—a cranberry red one with a bed full of Cran-Raspberry, of course!

In a light-hearted video Apodaca posted to his Instagram feed, he skateboarded up to his new truck, where a friend of his was getting inside. After playfully pushing the guy away from the truck, he got in and drove off with a giant smile.

As he drove off, a quick glimpse of a note Ocean Spray placed on the truck's window was seen:

"Dear Nathan, Good vibes only! Love, Ocean Spray."

Seems like the beginning of a beautiful friendship, as the saying goes.

Ocean Spray also posted a video of them gifting Apodaca with the truck, in which they said the gift was so that Apodaca could better enjoy his tunes.

In the caption, Ocean Spray wrote:

"We loved the skateboard, but thought this set of wheels had a better sound system... Enjoy...!"

Those Fleetwood Mac jams are about to sound so much better.

The vibes in Apodaca's original video were so right-on that it's gone mega viral since he posted it to TikTok and Instagram two weeks ago: more than 26 million views and 6 million views so far, respectively.

So many people watched the video that the resulting streams of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams," recorded in 1977, showed up on Rolling Stone's Top 100.

Fleetwood Mac co-founder Mick Fleetwood himself even recreated the video on his TikTok feed earlier this week.

Ocean Spray shared it on their Instagram.

Not to be outdone, Ocean Spray's CEO did the same yesterday.

On Twitter, people were absolutely over the moon for the way this feel-good story ended.

Apodaca told TMZ that he's also racked up about $10,000 in donations toward a new RV to replace the one he lives in now and the unreliability of which resulted in him skateboarding the day he made his fateful TikTok.

Sometimes things just really work out!