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NYC Moviegoer's Experience Seeing 'Cruella' Goes Off The Rails After Woman Gets Tased

NYC Moviegoer's Experience Seeing 'Cruella' Goes Off The Rails After Woman Gets Tased
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A review of the new live-action Disney movie, Cruella, has the internet in stiches. If commenters are to be believed, it's better than the movie itself.

Over on the website Letterboxd, a user's review of the film started with describing five ladies walking into the showing late and making things difficult for everyone.

But how it escalated is almost unreal, unless you're used to New York City.

The review went viral on Twitter.

The experience began like this:

"Five ladies walked into the showing late and spent a few minutes continually changing their seats and whispering loudly to each other. They finally got settled in, and then this kid started making noise."

The reviewer continued, explaining the source of the main conflict.

"One of the women got up, walked over to the kid and told him to 'please shut the f'k up.' The kid's mom yelled at her and called her a 'White trash bitch' and she yelled back and called her fat, and a major shouting match broke out."

Next came the climax:

"They walked out and continued fighting right outside, and at this point half the audience had gotten up to watch them instead of the movie (I was sitting all the way in the back, so I was able to do both)."

Rather than de-escalate the situation, the taser seemed to just make it even stranger.

"The mom stormed back into the theater, grabbed her child (she was still holding the taser) and rushed out SO FAST. About a minute later the movie paused and soon after the cops showed up."
"They listened to all our accounts, and then the theater manager offered us refunds or to just go into the next showing."

Finally, we had the resolution:

"The movie was alright, but the experience was unforgettable. Living in NYC is so fun."

What resulted might be the best review of Cruella without ever talking about the movie.

As the world looks to move out of the global pandemic, movie theaters are a point of contention.

Vaccination rates are increasing, but it's difficult to say whether people are truly safe, especially with new variants gaining ground.

But if people are expecting a fight and a tasing when they go out, who knows how that will affect reentry?

That being said, it's also pretty funny to think the best part of a movie is the audience antics.

Cruella tells the origin of the villain Cruella de Vil's life in the 1970s and her rise to power.

The film has received praise for it's direction and performances, especially a very entertaining turn from Emma Stone as the titular character. But there's been some criticism for its screenplay.

But if you're going to the movies expecting a fight in the audience, you probably don't care about the film's script all that much.