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NRA Slammed For Posting Woefully Insensitive Mother's Day Message Following Mass Shootings


Over Mother's Day weekend, there were at least nine mass shootings in the United States, combining for 15 deaths and 30 injuries.

But despite the neverending death toll, Republicans and gun rights groups continue to ignore the impact America's relaxed gun regulations have on the grieving populace.

On Mother's Day, for instance, the NRA sent out a message from their official Twitter account which included a picture of a mother and her young daughter both happily clutching high powered rifles.

The photo's caption read:

"Mama didn't raise a victim."


The blowback on Twitter was harsh and immediate, repeatedly calling out the NRA for making children with killing machines seem fun and cute and blaming victims.

Many replied to the tweet calling for long-awaited, publicly supported gun regulations in the United States.

The NRA recently declared bankruptcy and is awaiting a verdict from a Texas bankruptcy judge while simultaneously defending itself from a New York state corruption lawsuit.

Six people were killed at a Colorado Springs birthday party on the same day the NRA tweeted about not raising a "victim."

Many on Twitter wondered how many deaths it would take for the NRA to finally acknowledge its role in the continued violence.

This wasn't an appropriate Mother's Day message.

It's truly disturbing this even needs to be said.