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North & South Korean Olympians Display Their Unity by Sharing a Selfie Together

North & South Korean Olympians Display Their Unity by Sharing a Selfie Together
(David Davies/PA Images via Getty Images)

The Olympic athletes are all pumped to compete during the 2018 Winter Olympics, in PyeongChang, South Korea. So what better way to share the excitement than with the obligatory selfie?

However, a couple of impromptu snapshots stood out from the rest that made a positive impact on social media.

North and South Korean athletes snapped a photo together in their matching uniforms reflecting the colors of the Korean unification flag as they entered the stadium for the opening ceremony.

Many people were moved by this simple snapshot that represented so much.

The division of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea occurred at the end of World War II, and unresolved tensions led to the 1950 Korean War. The peninsula remained divided when the war ended in1953 with an armistice instead of a lasting peace treaty.

But, for this blip in time, there was an absence of contention in the locker rooms in the spirit of the games.

The unified Koreans entering the arena led by the flag featuring a light blue silhouette of the peninsula impressed U.S. skier Lindsey Vonn.

She was reminded of the globally unifying influence of the Olympics, tweeting, "So honored to be a part of this team! Sports has the power to unite the world, and watching N & S Korea walk together tonight is what it's all about."

Another selfie between North and South Korean Olympians surfaced. Figure skaters Kam Alex Kang Chan, of South Korea, and North's Kim Ju Sik took a moment for a photo op in the locker room before heading out for a practice session on the ice.

Comments on the post included, "From Russia with love to united Korea" and "Bravoooo, peace for all."

Another snap-worthy moment came during the torch lighting ceremony. Although there was no selfie taken by the torch-bearers, the powerful moment of unity was professionally captured by media and will remembered for a long time.

Two competitors from the unified Korean women's hockey team, Park Jong-ah from the South, and Chung Su Hyon from the North, ascended the steps together for the passing of the Olympic flame. The torch was handed over to South Korean figure skater Yuna Kim, who lit the flame and officially kicked off the 2018 Winter Olympics. We were all illuminated.

The torch was passed to South Korean figure skater Kim Yuna. (Pool - David J. Phillip/Getty Images)

It was a brief moment. But its significance made a lasting impression.

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