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Pro Swimmer Responds After Being Called Out By TikToker For Seemingly Mocking Teen At Gym

Russian swimmer Nika Godun told influencer Joey Swoll to 'lighten up' after he accused her of making fun of a teen she filmed lifting a weight at the gym.

Nika Godun; Joey Swoll
Istvan Derencsenyi/Getty Images; @thejoeyswoll/TikTok

Russian pro swimmer Nika Godun clapped back at influencer Joey Swoll after he accused her of making fun of a teenager at the gym.

When videos get posted to social media, the content is up for interpretation. This can cause issues when the poster disagrees with others interpretations of their video.

In the TikTok video Godun can be heard laughing as she films a teenage boy lifting weights. Swoll duetted that video and had some choice words for the Russian swimmer.

“Filming him to make fun of him to post on social media is never an option, and you are a professional athlete, you should know better.”

In the video Swoll shows a screen grab of his conversation with Godun directly. Her response to him was "lighten up."

You can see the video here:


Making fun of a kid at the gym trying his best? Really? We ALL start somewhere. #gymtok #fyp

Godun later responded to Swoll's comments in an Instagram post.

After claiming to know the kid and not giving a f**k, Godun added:

“-gym is a public place where people can be filmed freely and it's not in any way breaking the law"
"-if you have problems going to a gym and fear of being judged, you will be judged even if you're not filmed by someone, so stay at home or make yourself not care about what people might say or think about you and go do whatever you want freely

The comments on social media largely agreed with Swoll.









Whether or not Godun knew the kid, it's generally not a smart idea to post a video making fun of someone, especially when there is no context showing any of the things she later claimed.

Hopefully this situation will teach people to think thoroughly before filming themself laughing at someone else just to post something on social media.