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Former GOP Congressman Tried Comparing AOC's Climate Change Town Hall to a Trump Rally and AOC Proved Him Wrong in the Best Way

Former GOP Congressman Tried Comparing AOC's Climate Change Town Hall to a Trump Rally and AOC Proved Him Wrong in the Best Way


The Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has become one of the foremost voices of the Democratic party—and widely reviled on the right.

Despite Republicans like President Donald Trump and his son Don Jr. frequently demonizing her to their base, the Congresswoman has become known for being an artist of the clapback.

She proved that once again in an MSNBC Town Hall on the Green New Deal (which Ocasio-Cortez cosponsored) when a former Congressman cautioned her that the Green New Deal was too ambitious to be achieved by a single congress and could prove as polarizing as Trump.

"I worry that what we do is if we have basically the mirror image of a Trump rally on climate change In that we drive all the people away that could come our way and solve this thing now," Inglis told her, adding: “Is it possible that we say, climate change … we’ve got to act now? Can we come back maybe to universal basic income a little bit later?”

The audience was outraged, with one supporter yelling, "You moron!" at Inglis. Ocasio-Cortez immediately called the Democratic heckler out in no uncertain terms, saying:

"Hey, that is unacceptable."

And without missing a beat, she then turned to Inglis, telling him:

"That's the difference between me and Trump!"

Watch the incredible moment below at the 1:58 mark:

The crowd immediately began applauding, as did Twitter.

Trump is infamously reluctant to rebuke his supporters if they cross a line.

As history has indicated, if their shouts make Trump's enemies look bad or bolsters his own perception, unruly supporters are in the right.

In fact, Trump often tends to embody the incivility and aggression that Ocasio-Cortez corrected during the town hall.

As the youngest woman elected to Congress, many decry Ocasio-Cortez's youth and so-called inexperience, but with this act of accountability, many would agree she's more ready to be an example of leadership and honor than many lawmakers in Washington today.

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