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WATCH: New Zealand Recruitment Video Most Entertaining Yet

WATCH: New Zealand Recruitment Video Most Entertaining Yet

New Zealand's police force is is looking for few good people in an endeavor to keep their country one of the safest places in the world. They have turned to recruitment videos and social media to find new cadets, and their latest video is aptly titled "Freeze! NZ Police's most entertaining recruitment video, yet!" The video shows New Zealand police know how to run, but also know how to have a good time. Either way they're raising their adrenaline levels while on the job!

Lots of dramatic running and acrobatics, comedic moments that actually deliver, and a diverse police force.

The action-packed campaign is a comedic take on what it means to be a member of the police, and is designed to boost law enforcement numbers toward making New Zealand "the safest country in the world."

The ad features dramatic Hollywood-style drums, a lot of running, and a Kiwi sense of humor with comedic moments that are actually funny. Coincidentally, or very much intended, the video also demonstrates a very diverse police force. This includes a cat wearing a police vest.

They even have a blooper reel with the credits at the end. But even before then, right in the middle of the video is a random solo boombox dance number performed in a crosswalk. New Zealanders know how not to take themselves too seriously.

One Australian wishes his own country is more like their neighbors: "This is why Australia needs to be more like N.Z- Remember when we did stuff like this? Before we started taking ourselves too seriously?"

Hot Fuzz meets Flight of the Conchords.

"That New Zealand Police Recruitment spot is great

Like Hot Fuzz meets Flight Of The Conchords"

A place where only a dog is the culprit.

"Hilarious! Wow only a Dog is the criminal there, people must be really nice they didn't show one human criminal mate..."

Others are praising the video for its diversity.

"The representation in this ad is ah-mazing. This diversity in action should be a lesson for any organization's recruitment strategy."

The recruitment video is working.

"I want to apply, I’m in England thou so can I interview via Skype or FaceTime ? Lemme know."

"Thought your website was well organized and explained the recruitment to academy process well. Like most Police agencies the website highlights specialized units. Was surprised by the typing test requirements . I use the old hunt/peck method! Overall great job. Stay Safe to all!"

Seventy staff members from a range of ethnic backgrounds take part in the video. Sergeant Sonny Iosefo, who made headlines in 2016 with his dance moves in the police running man challenge, also features.

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