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NASA's First All-Female Spacewalk Will No Longer Be Just Women—And People Are Totally Bummed Out

NASA announced earlier this month that on March 29th, astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch would perform a spacewalk, marking the first ever women-only spacewalk in history.

Feminists and science-lovers everywhere were thrilled that this milestone was being reached!

On March 25th, however, NASA updated its assignments for the date of the spacewalk, and the results left many people disappointed.

It turns out the all-female spacewalk will now be performed by a man and a woman.

The reason for the change? One of the female astronauts felt she worked best in a medium-size space-suits, and there simply aren't enough available.

While it's sad we'll now have to wait even longer for the first all-women spacewalk, it's important to remember that safety always comes first.

The issue turns out to be one of timing more than anything else.

For astronauts, being safe and efficient takes priority above almost all else.

Unfortunately, it seems like an all-female spacewalk won't be occurring anytime soon...but don't worry! Progress marches onward, and the future will be upon us before we know it.