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Someone Asked If It's Bad That They Told A Mom To Leave Her Crying Baby At Home—And The Internet Pounced

Someone Asked If It's Bad That They Told A Mom To Leave Her Crying Baby At Home—And The Internet Pounced
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A person on Reddit asked a question and was immediately sorry.

On a subReddit "Am I The Asshole" PlayerSlotAvailable wanted to know about crying babies and moms. They wrote:

I went shopping in the grocery store, when a woman brought in a baby crying out loud from before she even stepped into the store. This kept going on and on for at least 5 minutes, at least until after I had left the store. All the other customers were visibly uncomfortable with it. Before I left the store, I passed by her and I told her that the next time she went to the store, she should not bring her baby. Leave it with the father, or keep in in the car. Am I the asshole for telling her that, or is she for bringing the baby in there.
Might add that both the father, and the mother gets 15 weeks of paid paternity leave + 16 weeks to the person they choose. And kindergarden isn't something that is unaffordable, as the price is adjusted for people with a low income. There are few reasons why she would have to bring the baby with her to a crowded store.

As most people probably figured out, it didn't end well for PlayerSlotAvailable.

Do not ever leave a baby in a car!

The original poster eventually caught on that they might indeed be the asshole and made a series of edits to the question.

Edit: So apparently they can die in car from heat or cold exposure.
No one seems willing to elaborate on that.
I am sorry if I offended anyone with my post or my inquisitive questions.

Edit2: Thanks for the people who were kind and civil and explained to me the dangers of leaving a child alone in a car. I thought a properly heated/cooled car alone was enough to make it a safe environment for a child for a few minutes.

Edit3: For another social situation I was in a year ago. I would love to know if this situation gets a different judgement.

Edit4: 100% aware I was the asshole, I realize that now.
But some things I want to clarify.

First is that it isn't illegal to leave a child in a car in Norway. Although exposing a child to danger IS. Where the line is drawn is not clear.

Second is that Kindergarden here starts from the age of 1 in Norway. And parents have parental leave of one year. So just enough time to get them into kindergarden.

That doesn't make me right. I just wanted to clarify those two things as many seems to have been confused.
Again, thanks for the helpful comments.

Again, NEVER leave a baby in a car.

H/T: Indy100, Somecards