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Instagram Model Digitally Alters Her Looks to Make a Point About Body-Shaming

Instagram Model Digitally Alters Her Looks to Make a Point About Body-Shaming
Chessie King/Instagram

It seems that for every kind-hearted, innocent soul browsing the internet, there's a malevolent troll looking to wreak havoc for everyone else. Why do they do it? There are surely a plethora of reasons, which range from a desire for attention to a sense of lowered inhibition that accompanies the web's relative anonymity. Often, women on the internet become troll's favorite targets, having their intelligence, bodies, and opinions criticized and belittled for no reason.

To make a point about how trolls treat others online, body-positive Instagram model Chessie King partnered with Cybersmile, an anti-cyberbullying organization, to produce a new video:

In the video, King is happy with her body, but trolls swoop in with lots of advice on how she might improve it. With the help of photoshop, she continues to post pictures of herself taking the trolls advice. The results are equal parts horrifying and illuminating. It becomes clear the trolls have no actual interest in what King's body looks like—they simply want to make her feel bad and ugly.

Chessie's Instagram is centered around body positivity.

She encourages realistic body types and encourages people to distance themselves from trends and ideals that don't make them happy.

King captioned the video by saying:

If we changed our body for every troll, listened to every cyber bully, we would be monsters. Whether you have 23 followers or 3 million, NO ONE should have to deal with regular hate online.