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Mike Pence Dragged After Parroting Trump's Baseless Mail-In Voter Fraud Claims On Fox News

Fox News

Vice President Mike Pence, continuing to repeat the President's misinformation whenever given the opportunity, made an appearance on Fox News this past Monday, August 3.

During his interview with Laura Ingraham, Pence described absentee ballots as "perfectly acceptable," while characterizing voting-by-mail as "ripe for fraud."

They are often, in fact, performed the same way.

According to the well-regarded fact checking site Politifact:

"..."there is no objective difference between absentee voting and voting by mail...All mail ballots, regardless of how they are requested, are treated the same once they're cast. They all require verification before being counted."

There is no evidence of any significant voter fraud by mail...ever.

Michael Steele, a prominent Republican and former chair of the Republican National Committee, last week said that voting-by-mail and absentee voting were "the same thing."

Despite all of this, President Trump has repeatedly attacked vote-by-mail over Twitter, falsely claiming it may lead to an illegitimate result because the counting may take longer.

The Trump administration also plans to file a lawsuit against the state of Nevada to stop it from sending ballots out by mail.

As he has many times before, Mike Pence continues to ignore common sense to back up President Trump.

President Trump is doing everything he can to save himself before the November elections, even if it means undermining the very institutions that keep our government functional.