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Michelle Wolf Eviscerates The Patterns Of Media's Trump Coverage And It's A Slam Dunk

Michelle Wolf Eviscerates The Patterns Of Media's Trump Coverage And It's A Slam Dunk
(Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Robin Hood)

Comedian Michelle Wolf is not one to hold back when it comes to tackling politics and criticizing the Trump administration.

So when it came to dishing on the media's handling of anything Trump-related, she released the dam.

She prepped the studio audience for the onslaught to come during her Netflix show The Break with Michelle Wolf segment called, appropriately enough, "Segment Time."

"...and since this is a comedy show in 2018, you know one thing for sure," Wolf warned, "this comedy segment is going to be sincere and angry."

"And you can also tell that it will be funny because I'm sitting down; there will be graphics and facts; and it will feel a little bit like school," she added, poking fun at her own involvement in the media circus.

Sitting behind her desk like a traditional news anchor, a CNBC graphic with the headline: "Anthony Kennedy Retiring from Supreme Court" appeared. Wolf stated President Trump had to pick a new Supreme Court Justice because the old one "ran away . . . with our rights!"

When God takes away a Supreme Court justice, the devil gets to appoint a new one. That's right! I just called President Trump the devil. The Cheeto devil's small hands. Time to clap!

"I just called President Trump the devil."(Netflix/YouTube)

Wolf attacked Trump as well as the liberal media's obsession with him, particularly when it came to his impending announcement of his Supreme Court pick.

I wonder if the media will take Trump's bait?

She continued her rant against the media counting down up to the final minute where Trump was to make his announcement.

I'm sure they did their job and covered the Supreme Court announcement with grounded, responsible reporting. You know what that biting sarcasm means. We're about to play a clip that shows they did the opposite.
That's right, you probably thought I was only going to go after the orange clown, Trump. But, I'm also calling out the liberal media. Wibam – unexpected pivot!


Wolf implied that the only responsible news reporting is reliably found through the satire routinely exercised by fellow late night talk show hosts and SNL weekend updates.

It makes a mockery of the political circus while still making valid points.

"Writing jokes is hard," Wolf admitted, in conclusion.

It's, I mean, really hard. You know what's easier? An earnest plea. So I am gonna throw my pen down on the desk, and I'm gonna shake my head in crestfallen bewilderment. I'm gonna look you in the eye, and I'm gonna tell you that Trump is bad! The news is bad! Which means that I, a comedian, have to do you the news' job.


Toofab commented that the younger generation received their news from political satirists Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart at the height of their contribution to Comedy Central in the 2000s.

Perhaps its that very formulaic takedown of the institutions couched with actual news that made it more palatable and trustworthy for the younger generations.


That trend continues with shows like The Break.

Wolf concluded her segment with a triumphant take-down of Donald Trump:

And finally, the meticulously crafted clippable GIFable takedown that will fix everything, change minds, and save the republic. Are you ready, Wolf Pack? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1: F--k you, Trump!"

Now that was funny.

And the studio audience went wild for it.(Netflix/YouTube)


You can catch The Break with Michelle Wolf anytime as it is currently streaming on Netflix. The topical show takes jabs at celebrities and politicians through comedy sketches and is described by the streaming service as "a break from the seriousness of today's late-night comedy."

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