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Michelle Branch Regretfully Addresses Slapping Her Husband: 'Not The Finest Moment Of My Life'

Michelle Branch Regretfully Addresses Slapping Her Husband: 'Not The Finest Moment Of My Life'
Tamron Hall Show/YouTube

Singer-songrwriter Michelle Branch made headlines last month, not due to buzz surrounding the September 16 release of her upcoming album The Trouble with Fever, but because of a series of marriage-related events and, ultimately, her arrest.

In August, Branch posted a tweet, now deleted, accusing husband Patrick Carney of infidelity. Shortly after, she announced the couple's split.

We then learned that Branch was later arrested for allegedly slapping her husband "one or two times."

She recently opened up on Tamron Hall Show, addressing her marriage struggles as well as her arrest.

You can watch the video below:

Michelle Branch On Allegations Of Domestic Assault & Current State of Relationship With Her

In the video, Branch stated:

"I don't condone violence."
"I slapped my husband."
"Not the finest moment of my life."

Branch also said that several aspects of her life were causing immense stress during that time:

"I know it's still very soon. I mean here I am, I'm only 7 months postpartum from having a baby."
"I'm I mean every parent in the audience knows this. You know sleep stress, life stress, marriage stress, work stress."

One other factor could have also contributed:

"Also we had been out at a birthday party that night, I had a few drinks"

Viewers shared their thoughts in the comments, with some commending Branch for sharing her story and admitting fault:

Tamron Hall Show/YouTube

Tamron Hall Show/YouTube

Others, however, felt that Branch got away with domestic abuse:

Tamron Hall Show/YouTube

Tamron Hall Show/YouTube

Tamron Hall Show/YouTube

Though Branch regrets letting her anger get the best of her, the traumatic event led the couple to therapy.

"How we were going was unsustainable so maybe this will give us the tools have a stronger marriage."
"We're rolling up our sleeves and doing the work which never sounds like fun but we're doing it."

Branch said she wished she and Carney had talked to someone and started therapy much sooner.

She also encouraged viewers who are struggling similarly or considering therapy to do so sooner rather than later. Apparently, it has already helped the couple immensely.