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Woman Catches Guys Mocking Her For Taking A Pool Selfie—And Confronts Them Like A Boss


A woman on TikTok has attracted a surge of praise from viewers after posting a video capturing her confrontation with a couple of dudes who openly mocked her while she took a pool selfie.

With a beautiful backdrop of tropical trees and distant mountains behind her, TikToker Samantha Longton set her phone up on the edge of the pool, began recording video, stepped back into position and readied herself with a beaming smile.

But the well-coordinated scene immediately broke down when two men stood by the slide as they faced her and laughed.

So Longton, who described herself as "not a confrontational gal" in the video's caption, felt she had no choice but to call their rude behavior out.

She opened things by asking:

"Did you guys want one together?"

When they said they did, she kindly offered to take one for them.

They then told her they didn't have their phones and left the pool area.


Im not a confrontational gal but sometimes men just .... #fyp

In a longer version of the video, which included more of the moments before the confrontation, Longton shared exactly what they said as they talked about her.

"look at her... this is what's wrong with girls."

But the joke was on them.

At the end of the day, Longton was showered with praise and support.

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Here's hoping Longton's justifiably bold response prevents other women from being on the receiving end of snickers from those dudes.