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WATCH: Megyn Kelly Cuts Off Tom Brokaw On Talk Show

WATCH: Megyn Kelly Cuts Off Tom Brokaw On Talk Show

Megyn Kelly and Tom Brokaw agree, while we may not know the motive of the shooter in Sunday night's massacre in Las Vegas, it's undeniable that America suffers from a globally unique gun violence problem.

The debate over gun control flares up every time we have a mass shooting, as we've heard the phrase 'the Worst Massacre in American history' more than once in the past few years. But actually having a dialogue about gun control is challenging as the gun manufacturer's lobby (the NRA) has managed to hijack the conversation at every turn.

The fact is, there really aren't many places that encourage calm, measured dialogue on the issue.

Enter Megyn Kelly, who invited legendary newscaster Tom Brokaw onto her new perch at NBC to discuss the attack and its political fallout. But unfortunately, as Brokaw spoke about the NRA's stranglehold on the gun control debate in Washington, Megyn Kelly had to cut him off in the middle of his thought, saying:

“We’re up against a hard break. Apologies, Tom Brokaw.”

Watch it below:

As you might expect, the Internet was not on board with giving Brokaw the hook and in fact attributed partisan motives to Kelly...

But for his part, Brokaw wasn't offended. In fact, he defended Kelly:

“The acoustics in the studio were terrible. I didn’t have an IFB [earpiece], and I am writing as I return from my hearing-aid mechanic. My hearing aid this morning went bad as the show started. Chick Hearn, the late, great L.A. Lakers play-by-play announcer had a phrase: no harm, no foul. Exactly the case this a.m. No harm, no foul. Not worth any fuss. I’m a Kelly fan.”

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