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Meghan McCain Tried To Compare Herself To Daenerys Targaryen From 'Game Of Thrones'—It Didn't Go Over Well

On Monday, December 16, an exchange between Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain went viral after Megan interrupted to "analyze the politics" of impeachment and Whoopi told her to "please stop talking."

Meghan attempted to snap back on Twitter, but social media wasn't having it.

After the spat went viral, Meghan woke up the next morning and posted a GIF from Game of Thrones along with the message:

"Good morning - to all the fellow conservative "girls" who won't be quiet."

People immediately began wondering if Meghan had actually bothered watching Game of Thrones...

If she had seen the show, she'd know that Dany (to the chagrin of many fans at the time) ended up becoming a dictator who killed countless innocents.

This seems to be a strange, disturbing trend amongst conservatives.

No one should want to be like Dany after the end of her story.

And if Meghan is aspiring to be like the Targaryen Queen of earlier seasons, beloved by all, then she's got some reforming to do.

Sorry, Meghan - if you were looking for sympathy, Twitter is almost never the place to find it.

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