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Marjorie Taylor Greene Blasted For Accusing Dems Of 'Destroying God's Creation' With Equality Act

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is in hot water once again after posting a tweet attacking Democrats for "destroying God's creation."

House Democrats were supposedly destroying creation by sponsoring the Equality Act, which protects transgender individuals from discrimination.

Somehow, Twitter was quickly able to find flaws in Greene's arguments.

Many online were, of course, outraged by Greene's continued transphobia.

Greene made headlines last month when she hung a transphobic sign outside of her Congressional office.

It seems Greene isn't incredibly familiar with loving her neighbor as herself.

Greene taking the an extremist stance is hardly a surprise.

Democrats in the House of Representative continue to pass legislation to protect the LGBTQ community, which, in the mind of Marjorie Taylor Greene, is akin to waging war against creation itself.