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Man Melts Down And Slams Shopping Cart Into Woman's Car After She Rejects Him In Parking Lot

Man Melts Down And Slams Shopping Cart Into Woman's Car After She Rejects Him In Parking Lot

A viral TikTok showed a man harassing a woman in a Walmart parking lot who did not want to give out her phone number. When she rejected him, he slammed a shopping cart into her car and caused serious damage.

The video was posted by @maybeimlowclass and has reached 2.4 million views and 552.6 thousand likes.

The TikTok began with the man approaching the woman who was pushing a shopping cart with her dog inside towards her car.

He said:

"You're cute, man, what's up? Can I get your number?"

She responded:

"No, I'm good."

The man did not take no for answer and persisted.

"You got a man? You single?"

She repeatedly told him "I'm good" as a way to get him to take the hint. Her voice became increasingly agitated by his advances.

The man asked:

"Snapchat? Twitter? OnlyFans?"
"Where you going? I can't talk to you?"
"Can I come pet your doggy?"

The woman still was not interested and replied with:

"You can go."

He confirmed several times if that indeed was her car she was standing next to before slamming a shopping cart into the rear passenger door.

The man yelled:

"F*ck your car!"


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The moment of impact wasn't caught on camera, but a loud thud could be heard and we can see the front end of the shopping cart bounce back. The video ends just as we see the large dent in the door.

This video and the comments are another example of the violence women face on a regular basis.









Some people thought the video looked staged and the damages were there before the man rammed the cart into her car.

But people came to her defense.





This is certainly not the first time a man has had a complete melt down from being rejected by a woman.

One TikToker shared a hilarious text exchange that showed a man who didn't even know the meaning of the word "misogynistic."

Another instance ended horrifically when a woman broke up with her boyfriend. He then disguised himself, showed up at her house and threw acid on her face.

There are no other videos on @maybeimlowclass's TikTok account after this one, so it's unknown if any charges have been pressed.

Regardless, this violence has to stop.

No means no.