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Med Student Who Disguised Himself As A Black Woman To Throw Acid On His Ex-Girlfriend Sentenced

The Telegraph/YouTube; Sussex Police

A former medical student from England is now behind bars for disguising himself as a Black woman to throw acid on his ex-girlfriend.

In May of this year, 25-year-old Milad Rouf wore a "fat suit," face shield and blackface makeup to conceal his identity before heading to his ex-girlfriend's home. The two had been dating while attending Cardiff University, both studying medicine.

Rouf's ex-girlfriend and former colleague Rym Alaoui opened the door to find sulfuric acid squirted into her face. Witnesses described a "woman, fat build, 5'5" with short hair" as the assailant.

After fleeing the scene, footage of Rouf had shown him disposing of the disguise in trashcans along the seafront in Brighton.

The burns caused Rym Alaoui permanent and life-altering injuries.

This happened just six weeks after Alaoui ended the relationship with Rouf.

Authorities' investigation lead them to Rouf's home where a shopping list containing items such as a "fat suit," "face paint," "two full head face masks" and a "black morph suit" was found.

The BBC obtained a clip from Rouf's interview with the police and when asked how he felt about the horrific injuries he caused to Alaoui, all he could say was, "No comment," with a blank expression.

Judge Laing described this as an attack based on "jealousy and anger" over being rejected.