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Man Receives Accidental Bachelor Party Invite That's 2,600 Miles Away And Decides To Attend Anyway

Man Receives Accidental Bachelor Party Invite That's 2,600 Miles Away And Decides To Attend Anyway
GoFundMe: Will Novak

People receive tons of email every day.

A lot of it is spam we just ignore. Maybe you get an email by mistake.

But usually, unless you know what's going on or were expecting it, you don't respond to an email you're not sure about.


Will Novak received an email invite to a bachelor party for a man named Angelo. Novak racked his brain, but did not know who Angelo was.

While he considered just deleting the email for this mistake, he chose instead to send a joke response.

"I do not know who Angelo is. I am a Will Novak who lives in Arizona. Vermont seems like a very far way for me to travel for the bachelor party of a guy I've never met."
"That being said: f***ing count me in! From the contents of this email, Angelo sounds tremendous and I want to help send him off in style. I hope his bride (or groom) to be, is awesome."

Novak went on to explain he lived in Arizona and can't ski very well. He also asked for clarification on the dress code. After the message was sent, Novak didn't expect to hear anything back.

Boy was he wrong. Devin, Angelo's younger brother who was organizing the event, sent Novak an email response officially inviting him.

It was surprising to say the least.

"William Novak the one in Phoenix,"
"We look forward to meeting you and helping us send Angelo off. If you think we are kidding we are not. You better be coming, as we all are all dying to meet you. Not only will this be a weekend Angelo will not forget it will be one you surely will not forget as well."

The bachelor party agreed to help Angelo out with some of the details, but Novak did need to get some cash together.

After exploring his options, Novak did what anyone does in this day and age when you're low on cash. He started a GoFundMe.

He raised the funds in two hours.

After reaching the goal, Novak found out Angelo and his bride were expecting a child, so all extra funds will go toward needed things for the new baby.

Novak is going to learn how to ski, and bought a nice gift for the groom. As the story gained fame, people started asking more questions about the situation.

Luckily, Novak is more than willing to answer these questions.

It seems he's using the fame his story has brought to ensure he has an unforgettable weekend.

The event is happening this weekend.

So if you want to follow along, the Twitter hashtag #AngelosBachelorParty was started for that reason.

Whatever happens on the trip, Novak has a great story to tell.

Angelo and his friends are sure to have a fun time with such a spontaneous guy.