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Woman Terrified As Camera Catches Man With Gloves And Zip Ties Trying To Break Into Her Home

Woman Terrified As Camera Catches Man With Gloves And Zip Ties Trying To Break Into Her Home

A disturbing video went viral on Twitter of a man with gloves and zip ties attempting to break into a woman's home while she was there.

Entrepreneur and social media influencer Kezia M. Williams shared in a later post the police found the man who tried to break into her home.

The video was of Williams, CEO of The Black upStart, bringing her dog inside as she sees a man who followed her home.

Williams posted the video from her doorbell's recording system to her Instagram with a caption describing the situation:

"This week an unknown man followed me home, and attempted to break in with zip ties in his pocket."
"I had just let my dog out. I heard him barking and this man was standing in my front yard."
"I barely got in the house and locked the door before he proceeded to turn my doorknob."
"Then he put on gloves and began to shove at my door attempting to force it open several times."
"Then he tried to lift every window. Tried to yank my balcony door open ripping my screen from its hinges."
"Circled my home three times and when my neighbor came outside, pretended to 'water my grass' like my 'lawn guy' so that she wouldn't become suspicious."

The man attempted to enter the home again after the neighbor left.

Williams was on the phone with 911 for 22 minutes as she locked herself in her room. The man fled when the police finally arrived.

One of Williams friends pointed out he didn't have a bag so he most likely wasn't there to steal something from her home.

Many on Instagram shared support for Williams after her terrifying experience.








The video was also posted by @runawaymia on Twitter with an unsubstantiated claim the man had a gun.

Since the video went viral, Williams was able to get a name and address of the man through another Instagram user which assisted police in finding him.

The man's mother also contacted the police after recognizing her son in the video.

Williams reported him to the police, but even with the video evidence there apparently wasn't enough to arrest the man.

Williams posted to Instagram:

"Yes! The suspect was identified but as of today NOT arrested."
"Even though his mom confirmed seeing her son in the video, the Commissioner said there is only probable cause for attempted burglary...which warrants a criminal summons not arrest."
"Of course, I'm disappointed."
"I sincerely appreciate the honesty of the suspect's mom. I really do."
"But I also can't shake the fear I still have , especially after finding out the suspects court cases date back to 2007."
"The day of the attempted entry, I feared by body would be violated versus stuff robbed."
"I don't know what it will take for an arrest. I thought my story/video would have warranted that already."
"But I do have paperwork."
"And I am still very grateful for the community who continues to envelope me and pray."
"No. I am not OK but I am believe for complete and total healing!"

Williams has said she already owns a taser and pepper spray, but will register and purchase a gun and doorstops for her safety.

She is thankful for all of the support from the thousands of people commenting and sharing her story.

Williams is looking forward to the day she can be in front of a judge for the hearing.