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Man Fakes Being Stood Up On Valentine's Day At Restaurant And Gets A Free Meal

Man Fakes Being Stood Up On Valentine's Day At Restaurant And Gets A Free Meal

Not all great actors receive Oscars.

Prime examples include, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Glenn Close (although she's nominated this year for The Wife), Edward Norton and Annette Benning, among many others who've received nominations but fell short of sealing the deal.

The impressive roster proves that the measure of a moving performance is not always marked by the accolades.

But this dude just gave the performance of his life and got his just desserts, or in this case, a comped dinner. He feigned being stood up in a restaurant, elicited sympathy from both staff and patrons and got a free steak.

And the winner of tonight's dinner is...@baconflavoring!

Steven, a.k.a. @baconflavoring or according to his Twitter handle "Phteven," framed his anecdote as a rhetorical question:

"if I went to Outback Steakhouse by myself tonight and asked for a table for 2, then got progressively sadder as the night went on alone, do you think they'd give me my steak for free?"

He posed his challenge for the social experiment and accepted it.

The ruse began even before being seated.

Party of two, electric boogaloo!

His costume set the scene.

This guy is going full-on method with his performance.

Getting that momentum going.

Cue dialogue.

His date sure is running way behind.

She's coming though, or so his server believes.

Props – check.

(The packaging could've been more convincing.)

All that is missing is a maudlin score.

He's coming upon the final act.

Looks like he could get away without buying his dinner because other witnesses are buying his performance.

One for the demo reel.

The best scene partner that was never there.

Backstory always helps to flesh out the scene.

The food is here.

She is not.

Cue – waterworks.

Going for it is gross.

But it's worth it!

So what's the final result?

While he successfully toyed with people's emotions by pulling a fast one that night, he tried to redeem himself by paying it forward.


His server benefited, as well.

Now that his operation is exposed, he killed Outback with kindness.

Twitter gave a standing ovation for his excellent performance.

These things do happen.

He may not be single much longer.

This story has a twist.

Karen's real whereabouts were revealed.

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day, I guess?