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MAGA 'Prophet' Warns Of Technologically Advanced 'Mermaids And Water People' In Bonkers Speech

Amanda Grace suggested 'hand to hand combat' with these supposed 'mermaids' who are spreading 'wickedness' at a far-right ReAwaken America event at Trump's Doral Hotel in Miami.

Twitter screenshot of Amanda Grace

In a bizarre and bewildering display of rhetoric, a speaker at a right-wing conference hosted by one of Trump's properties embarked on an unhinged rant, delving into the realm of highly technological mermaids and water people spreading "wickedness" throughout society.

The peculiar diatribe was delivered by self-proclaimed "Prophet" Amanda Grace during the ReAwaken America event, which attracted a gathering of American far-right and Christian nationalist attendees at the Trump National Doral Hotel in Miami.

Grace, alongside her husband Chris, heads up Ark of Grace Ministries, an animal sanctuary that also promotes "Biblical teachings." Both were given a platform to address the audience at the right-wing gathering, a forum that has previously welcomed the presence of individuals associated with QAnon conspiracy theories and anti-vaccination movements.

During her eyebrow-raising speech, Grace embarked on a bewildering attempt to alert the audience to the supposed "wickedness" and "perversion" emanating from what she described as "seductive, seducing spirits." Her focus turned to the proliferation of imagery featuring mermaids, which she considered concrete evidence of the aforementioned "wickedness."

You can hear what she said in the video below.

Grace said:

“I have never seen more images of mermaids and water people in my life. That’s a division in the kingdom of darkness and they’re highly technologically advanced."
“And we have to understand what we’re dealing with. And we have to understand the rules of engagement in spiritual warfare. And we are meant for hand-to-hand combat.”
“Darkness has completely eclipsed the White House of this nation.”

Predictably, the outlandish nature of Grace's remarks triggered a flurry of confusion, mockery, and the proliferation of memes across various online platforms.

The combination of the highly unusual subject matter, coupled with the passionate delivery, contributed to the audience's bewilderment and subsequent online ridicule.

Grace is far from the only self-proclaimed religious "prophet" to align themselves with the MAGA movement.

Last year, author and commentator Rachel Hamm—who at the time was vying to become California's next Secretary of State—claimed that her decision to run for office was predicated on her son's miraculous experience meeting Jesus Christ in a closet with a scroll.

Similarly, Julie Green—who runs the Evangelical Julie Green Ministries—has claimed more than once that God will "bring back" former President Donald Trump to the White House without the need for an actual election.

As of this writing, Green's prediction has yet to come to pass.