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Dancing Killer Robot Doll 'M3GAN' Is Now Feuding with Chucky—And Fans Are Grabbing the Popcorn

Dancing Killer Robot Doll 'M3GAN' Is Now Feuding with Chucky—And Fans Are Grabbing the Popcorn
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If you love scary movies then you're no stranger to the role of the infamous killer doll.

A story for the ages, timeless tales of the dolls who love to kill.

Annabelle, Brahms, Robert and of course...

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But now M3GAN is the "it" girl on the internet who first caught our eyes when she showcased some of her dance moves for the world to see in the trailer for her very own movie.

Here's the official trailer for M3GAN:

M3GAN - official

M3GAN is a model 3 generative android robotic doll with fuller brows and more rhythm than most of us.

The film follows Gemma Played by Allison Williams, a talented roboticist at a toy company who uses artificial intelligence to create a life-like doll who she later brings home to her niece as a companion.

What Gemma didn't see coming was the dolls killer-like instincts and her vengeful and vindictive ways. Surprising? Of course not, it's like she's never seen a scary movie before.

M3GAN's showstopping moves have since become a popular meme plastered all over social media. The now viral sensation had us shaking and shook in more ways than one.

Here's the viral meme that took the internet by storm:

So how did sassy, but sweet M3GAN find herself in the middle of a twitter tiff with the famous yet frightening Chucky?

There have been many dolls over the years that took a stab at our hearts but none we are fonder of than the notorious Charles Lee Ray better known as Chucky.

When he heard about a new doll in town trying to make a name for herself, Chucky—like any self-respecting millennial with something to prove—took to twitter to share his disapproval and remind all of us of the menacing presence we first fell in love with.

It all started with Chucky's quote tweet of the M3GAN trailer where he insinuated she was trying to be like him.

A total millennial move.

The quote tweet started a feud that fueled horror fans everywhere.

As they could see from her sharp dance moves and quick responses, M3GAN is not the type to let any back talk slide.

M3GAN responded "u know u that doll when u cause all this conversation."

So she dances, has a great set of eyebrows and listens to Beyonce?

We love her already.

The feud didn't end there.

Its fire was stoked by fans who chose their sides and played puppet master as they pitted the two against one another.

A fan confessed her down low love for M3GAN.

The shade didn't stop there.

Chucky posted a picture.

And M3GAN responded to one.

M3GAN did a quick dive into Chucky's twitter feed and responded to some pre-feud posts.

The audacity M3GAN.

...and the two kept it going.

Back and forth.

The two even bickered about dance moves.

So where does that leave us now?

M3GAN is clearly feeling empowered—it must be all that Beyonce she listens to.

Is Annabelle waiting in the wings?

Good grief, I mean we're here for the drama, but it's definitely a-lot.

Something tells me this isn't the last we'll hear of M3GAN.

For now, she'll probably cause more off screen havoc before hitting the big screens.

M3GAN premieres January 13 which gives us quite some time to see whatever else unfolds.