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Louisville TV Meteorologist Appears To Loudly Fart Live On Air—And Twitter Can't Stop Laughing

Louisville TV Meteorologist Appears To Loudly Fart Live On Air—And Twitter Can't Stop Laughing

And you think you've had a bad day at work...

At least you didn't fart on live television like a certain TV weather man in Louisville, Kentucky last week. WDRB meteorologist Marc Weinberg was discussing the day's weather last Wednesday as usual, and let's just say there was some wind in the forecast.

Obviously the internet cannot stop laughing at poor Mr. Weinberg and has been roasting him ever since.

See the moment he fell flat(ulent) on air below.

The moment was captured and made viral by Kentucky sports radio host and author Matt Jones, who posted the clip to Twitter. And while he misidentified Weinberg as fellow WDRB meteorologist Jude Redfield, he definitely didn't misidentify that something strange went on during Weinberg's broadcast.

As the video shows, if the moment was indeed a fart it wasn't the sort of thing where Weinberg simply accidentally let one slip. While discussing the temperatures in Iowa, Weinberg actually paused, made some sort of... noise, and then, rocked by the power of said noise, did a strange sort of body shimmy before continuing on with the forecast as if nothing happened.

That is, in a word, incriminating. But credit where it's due: If you're going to fart on air, you might as well make a moment of it!

Now in fairness to Weinberg, there are of course other explanations for what happened during his broadcast. Like... um... maybe a muscle spasm in his back! That also made a sound somehow? Or, like, maybe there was a tiny earthquake under the WDRB studios and the noise we heard was, like, the building moving?

But probably it was just Weinberg farting, especially since Weinberg has made no response whatsoever to the viral furor over his windy moment. J'accuse!

Suspicious Suspect GIF by GIPHY NewsGiphy

But while we might not have proof that a fart is what created Weinberg's weird moment, as far as Twitter is concerned this is an open-and-shut case: Defendant is guilty as charged!

Mr. Weinberg, if you're reading this, try not to worry too much about people making such a stink about your on-air gaffe. This too shall pass (just like you and your gas).