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The Women Of 'The View' Lose It After Joy Behar Says Trump Looks Like He 'Pooped His Pants'

The Women Of 'The View' Lose It After Joy Behar Says Trump Looks Like He 'Pooped His Pants'
The View/ABC

Sometimes, you just have to tell it like it is.

That's exactly what comedian and TV host Joy Behar did Monday on The View during a discussion of former Republican President Donald Trump's viral pants mishap.

Discussing Trump's disheveled appearance at a North Carolina Republican event over the weekend—which inspired viral speculation Trump's pants were on backwards (or worse)—Behar said it looked like the former President had "pooped his pants."

Immediately the frequently combative cast of The View united to dissolve into hysterics—including even die-hard Republican Meghan McCain, as you can see below.

If you were anywhere near the internet over the weekend, you likely saw the discourse over Trump's appearance at the North Carolina event where he was upstaged by his oddly wrinkled and weirdly billowy trousers, which to many appeared as though they might be on backward.

Worse still was the way the light hit the area around his fly, giving the fabric a sheen that made it appear to many like he may have wet himself. It all resulted in millions of people unable to contain their laughter over Trump's unfortunate pants.

That included the women of The View.

Their conversation started off normally enough. Co-host Sunny Hostin quipped if Trump is a billionaire, he should have a better tailor.

Meghan McCain, a some time defender of the ex-President, commented on Trump's habit of looking messy in public appearances, joking he frequently looks like "a wedding singer at Mar-a-Lago."

But the wheels came off their measured mockery when it was Behar's turn to give her two cents on the pants.

According to Behar:

"Well, they make him look crazy... This guy is wearing pants that look like he pooped in them."

The women tried their best to contain their laughter, but the longer Behar talked, the less they were able to hold it in—particularly McCain, who totally failed to maintain a poker face.

By the time Hostin closed the segment with a statement about Trump's pants from fact-checking site, all semblance of composure was abandoned as McCain cackled with laughter off-screen.

On Twitter, many people were just as tickled by the segment as McCain was.

In this deeply divided country, it's comforting to know we can all unite, Democrats and Republicans alike, to laugh at the idea of Donald Trump and the state of his pants.

That's what America is all about!