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Pete Davidson And 'SNL' Criticized For Joking About GOP Candidate Who Lost His Eye In Afghanistan

The President's message of not being politically correct seems to have spilled over to the set of Saturday Night Live.

In 2015, then candidate Donald Trump famously said, "We can't worry about being politically correct." Since that time, he has continued to spread the message by mocking and imitating Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times reporter, Serge Kovaleski, who suffers from arthrogryposis, and saying about the late Vietnam War hero and U.S. Senator John McCain, "He's not a war hero. He's a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren't captured."

The era of not being "politically correct" is spreading and showed up this weekend on Saturday Night Live, where comic Pete Davidson compared congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw, who wears a patch on his eye, to "a hitman in a porno movie." Crenshaw is an ex-Navy Seal who lost his eye while serving in Afghanistan.

Davidson began the bit with a photo of Crenshaw over his shoulder saying:

This guy's kinda cool, Dan Crenshaw. You may be surprised to hear that he's a congressional candidate from Texas, and not a hitman in a porno movie. I'm sorry, I know he lost his eye in war, or whatever.

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For his part, Crenshaw seems to agree with the Republican point of view that people have become too sensitive. He recorded a message for TMZ saying:

"I want us to get away from this culture where we demand apologies every time someone misspeaks."

Dan Crenshaw Says Pete Davidson Making Fun of Veterans' War Injuries on 'SNL' Not

Crenshaw also tweeted about the skit.

Many tweeted their thanks to the vet for his service.

Others wondered if there wasn't some hypocrisy going on.

Which led to an interesting discussion.

Maybe now that the bar has been lowered, there is no coming back.

The one thing we can all agree on is that Davidson certainly doesn't look like he is giving an apology, so it's a good thing Crenshaw isn't looking for one.

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