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Livestreamer Thrown Out Of Sporting Goods Store And Arrested After Racist And Homophobic Rant

Livestreamer Thrown Out Of Sporting Goods Store And Arrested After Racist And Homophobic Rant
Livestream Rewind/YouTube

For one racist, homophobic, White bigot, a sporting goods store was as good a place as any to launch into a wild rant full of slurs--and purposely capture the entire thing on video.

What is it about hateful people assembling evidence during the crime to deliver to authorities on a silver platter?

The video, which was eventually posted to the Youtube Channel Livestream Rewind, showed a young man spewing all sorts of hateful language at store employees and customers, in an obvious attempt to provoke people for his misguided livestream clout priorities.

The clip appeared to begin in the middle of the incident. The young man, in the checkout area with his back to the door, repeatedly screamed "Shut the f'k up, [n-word]!' " at a loose crowd of shoppers and cashiers, all of whom unanimously called for him to leave the store.

Eventually, a middle-aged man approached the bigot and physically got in his face, apparently causing the livestreamer to drop his phone.

Before the man approached, the livestreamer proudly declared;

"Don't touch me, I'm drunk. I'm gonna film you until you die."

After a fuzzy altercation between the bigot and a few people in the store, an employee picked up the phone, looked directly into the camera, and set the record straight for all the people watching the livestream:

"You guys are following a f'kin' loser."

You can see the embarrassing display of ignorance here:

WARNING: profanity and racial slurs

After the young man was finally outside the store, his friend filmed his reactions. The bigot wore a sheepish grin as police sirens clearly approached, at one point even boasting to livestream viewers:

"Are you ready."

The livestreamer then faced one final altercation with a shopper, who he called a homophobic slur, before the police eventually rolled up. The police arrived, handcuffed both the drunk bigot and the girl filming, arrested them and the phone was seized.

The video provoked all kinds of commentary from YouTube viewers.

A. Resa Jones/Youtube

Charlie Mike/Youtube

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James Bootywolfe/Youtube

Here's hoping the outrage and backlash against the bigoted livestreamer's behavior will far outweigh whatever clout his abusive behavior earned him.