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Little Girl Adorably Tries To Convince Her Dad She Bought Random Jacket She Wore Home From Preschool

Little Girl Adorably Tries To Convince Her Dad She Bought Random Jacket She Wore Home From Preschool
@samaraa0 / Twitter Screenshot

It's not often that you will see any media outlet praise a thief for being adorable.

But that's exactly what we are about to do.

The thief in question is a little girl named Mila. She came home from preschool wearing a jacket that her family immediately knew wasn't hers.

If you have young children, you know this is absolutely and completely a common occurrence. Kids just take stuff that isn't theirs because they think it's awesome.

In Mila's case it was clear that the jacket wasn't hers, not only because her parents knew they hadn't bought it for her, but also because it was clearly way too small. The sleeves only came to about halfway down her little forearms and zipping it would have been nearly impossible.

When asked about it, though, Mila did what many kids her age do and doubled down. She wanted that too-small jacket, so she spun a tale about where it came from and why it was hers.

Dad did some gentle questioning while someone recorded, ya know, for posterity.

The result is a video that went viral once it was shared by her aunt and spawned our new favorite catch phrase:

"Five monies."

"Five monies" is out here changing the game and inspiring people.

Twitter seriously loves Mila and her family right now.

So how does the saga end?

Does Mila get to keep the jacket she totally paid five monies for? Will Connor help sell her cover story when she goes back to school? Whose swag did she walk away with?

Mila's aunt knew Twitter would have questions, so she absolutely provided the closure we all needed and so rarely get in these stories.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to go spend way more than five monies on something from the jacket store.

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