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LGBTQ Gamers Are Feeling Pride Thanks To New 'Spider-Man' Video Game's Subtle Message Of Inclusion ❤️

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Marvel's Spider-Man PS4-exclusive game was just released on September 7 and it's everything fans were hoping for and much more.

The video game is already receiving rave reviews. is calling it art.

"Marvel's Spider-Man does what a lot of good art does, which is examine techniques and concepts that work well, and then blend and refine them to create something unique to itself and possibly greater."

Vandal said,

"Spider-Man is probably the best game of Insomniac and the best game based on the superhero to date."

And according to Eurogamer, in the UK, Spider-Man is the fastest selling game so far this year. It is also the fastest selling Marvel game ever.

But the game's highlights don't stop there.

As players saw when jumping from building to building, the creators thoughtfully incorporated rainbow flags, showing support of the LGBTQ community.

The flag and rainbow wall seen in the game are actual replicas of the real-life location that the game takes place in. One of the game's creators explained exactly where.

The small gesture has made a mighty impact on the game's players.

Benno went on to explain their choice.

I guess now would be a good time to take up gaming 🌈.

H/T: Daily Dot, Twitter