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Video Of LGBTQ+ People Thanking Trump On Presidents Day Gets A Major Eye Roll From Twitter


The Log Cabin Republicans, a group of LGBTQ+ conservative voters, recently celebrated Presidents Day by posting a video on Twitter in support of former President Trump.

Twitter couldn't help but marvel at the group of LGBTQ+ voters who ardently support Donald Trump despite the innumerable ways his administration attacked their community.

Many people even wondered whether the video was intended as comedy.

In the video, Trump was praised for "giving a voice to Americans that felt overlooked", "exposing how incredibly corrupt the media is," and showing "an outsider is the best person for the job."

The video was a good reminder for many that, with so many people in the world, you can find some who believe just about anything.

The online LGBTQ+ community felt the clip was more than a little cringe-worthy.

The Log Cabin Republicans may have been unable to swing the LGBTQ+ vote in favor of President Trump in 2020, but it seems they'll continue supporting him no matter how many insurrections he's responsible for.