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Laura Ingraham Just Called Dr. Fauci The 'Medical Deep State' In Bonkers Rant Telling Trump To Ignore Rally Warnings

During a recent edition of "The Ingraham Angle" on Fox News, host Laura Ingraham went on a tear against President Trump's top infectious disease authority, Dr. Anthony Fauci, claiming he was part of the "medical deep state" for urging caution amidst the pandemic.

After many health experts warned that President Trump's upcoming indoor campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, could be a health risk to those in attendance, Ingraham attacked the credibility of these scientists.

Calling their words "alarmist...drivel," Ingraham seemed to suggest their advice was politically motivated.

You can watch her segment here.

Ingraham: Super spreaders of hypocrisy

Twitter was amazed Ingraham would endanger people's lives by telling them to disregard the advice of health experts.

Many felt Ingraham's words violated the tenants of good journalism.

Others could do nothing but roll their eyes at the rant.

There were some online who predicted the segment would lead to yet more advertisers leaving Ingraham's program.

If anyone should understand the potential danger of the pandemic, it's those that run an international news organization.

When making plans during this global pandemic, it's as important as ever to heed the advice of medical experts.