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Twitter Has A Field Day After Someone's Landlord Hilariously Painted Over A Cockroach


People are less likely to complain about a landlord's bad paint job when moving into a new apartment after seeing a viral photo tweeted by @chellzyeah.

The Twitter user took a photo of a wall presumably coated by a fresh new coat of paint and an unfortunate cockroach who had a paint brush with fate after being at the wrong place and time.

"My landlord painted over a f'king roach," she tweeted.


To date, the tweet of the roach entombed forever in white paint racked up over 39K retweets and 356K likes.

And with that, a prime opportunity for meme-ing was born.

Was it a kickline member gone rogue?

References to Star Wars were made, particularly with the mention of Han Solo frozen in carbonite at the end of Empire Strikes Back.

With the extended leg appearing like a self-defense move, perhaps our crunchy friend was a formerly trained martial artist.

One user thought it might be long-lost hieroglyphic.

Others saw the immobile cucaracha as no laughing matter.

Given its likely immortal tendencies, perhaps it's best to leave this fella in its final resting place.

For all we know, that raised leg could have been a new development as it tries to free itself from the vertical tomb.