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Dad Gets Totally Roasted By His 6-Year-Old After He Can't Answer A Very Important Question 😂

Children set high, almost unreachable standards for their parents. In their minds, mothers and fathers are supposed to know everything and be perfectly able to accomplish any task...even if the fact they're asking about is made up or the task is impossible. Twitter user James Breakwell offered up a perfect example of this on January 6, when he shared the story of a recent interaction with his 6-year-old.

Kids really do ask the darndest things...

Seriously, Dad?! You don't know the answer?!

What kind of college doesn't teach basic Dragonomics?

The best universities take the time to make sure their students understand basic dragon principals.

Conversation with children are almost always online gold.

But wait...could history offer an answer to the 6-year-old's question?

Some Twitter users took a more scientific approach to the query.

Either way, we can all agree: this 6-year-old has its priorities straight.

The consensus among true dragon lovers seemed to be united:

Of course, to know for sure, there's only one thing to do: go ask a dragon.